Ubisoft Details Upcoming For Honor Update 1.06

Ubisoft has been on the roll for its latest iteration titled For Honor. Since the decline of the game's player pool, the studio has been doing all in its capability to resolve known issues and/or bugs. This is when updates after updates have been released each week, as the developers try to bring the interest back to the game.

In the official Reddit page of For Honor, the studio announced the upcoming arrival of a new update called patch 1.06. The latter is confirmed to arrive to the PC platform first come April 25. The game's console version, on the other hand, will receive it later on (with no exact date as of yet). As expected, it'll arrive with a couple of surprising stuff.

First off, the aforementioned For Honor update will introduce a new global community event -- something that happens on a weekly basis. This will be called Executions in which players will get into dominion and, as the name suggests, start executing. Specific details about this particular event remain a mystery, though.

Aside from the forthcoming For Honor community event, the devs at Ubisoft are also working on several fixes and performance upgrades. One is the increase in framerate, which is applied on both the in-game menus and matches. The Level of Detail (LOD) will now dynamically be adjusted in every match, so as to help in ensuring optimal performance.

The video game company is also bringing a couple of nerfs and buffs to For Honor heroes. The Warden Vortext and Shugoki on Charge will be nerfed. The Orochi and the Lawbringer will receive buffs. All of the changes applied to these can be seen here in the official patch notes of update 1.06. There are also a couple of bugs (from the current update) noticed and reported by players that the video game company has fixed. For instance, Bleed will no longer be applied without any contact. It is worth noting that while this bug was fixed right away, it still exists in the Peacekeeper.


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