Google Glass to use stunning high-end Samsung OLED displays

By James Geddes , May 25, 2013 09:52 AM EDT

When Google begins to make its Google Glass available to consumers, the headset will reportedly feature high-end OLED displays built by Samsung.

According to reports, when Google co-founder Larry Page took a recent tour of Samsung's OLED production facility and was so impressed with the new displays that he made a deal on the spot with Samsung to be the official display provider for Google Glass.

The Korean Times is reporting that sources have told the publication that Google has already contracted Samsung as the display provider for its Google Glass wearable technology. Google and Samsung are no strangers to partnering up. Samsung has been the supplier for many of Google's Nexus smartphones and tablet and its most recent partnership was with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition smartphone.

The contract to build the OLED displays in Google Glass is seen as a big deal because previous rumors indicated that Samsung wanted to distance itself from Google, but this new agreement is said to solidify the relationship between the two tech giants. The publication points out that by using Samsung to build the OLED displays in Google Glass, Google is trusting Samsung with confidential details on its future projects. The agreement is also very beneficial to Samsung, as the OLED displays used in Google Glass will further boost its OLED display business.

Samsung Display CEO Kim Ki-Nam recently hinted that there was already a partnership in place with Google to build the OLED displays in Google Glass.

The new Samsung OLED displays that will reportedly be used in Google Glass are expected to be flexible, unbreakable, bendable, and foldable. This is great news for consumers, as they can be assured that when they purchase Google Glass they will be buying a very durable device with a beautiful OLED display that will be virtually indestructible display-wise.

Google is expected to make Google Glass available to consumers by the end of 2013 at the earliest.

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