Acer Leap Ware Review: A Surprisingly Sensible Smartwatch Packed With Awesome Sensors

Acer's new wearable device, the Leap Ware, is a fitness-focused smartwatch that is packed with a host of sensors. It is also budget-friendly, priced at a reasonable $149/€139 price point. This latest smartwatch does not use Android Wear, settling instead with custom software that is paired with an iOS and Android combo with the help of the company's Liquid Life app.

The snug-fitting, chic-looking smartwatch includes a heart rate monitor and UV ray exposure sensor. With the firm's MT2511 biosensing chip, it is also capable of delivering stamina, stress and fatigue levels information. Additionally, the buttons on the side of the watch face can also deliver blood pressure readings.

According to the Trusted Reviews, in general, Acer's Leap Ware has got plenty right. The smartwatch's slender design doesn't protrude excessively from the wrist, resulting in an easy-on-the-eye appearance. It is also fairly well built with a circular plastic body, metal edging, and slightly stretchy wristband, making it sit comfortably snug against the wrist.

There are two control buttons that play important parts in using the device, but the main way to interact with this watch is through its touchscreen. According to the Pocket-Lint, there is a pretty quirky feature on this smartwatch in the form of a little light to the side that users can activate by pressing one of the buttons. The wearable gadget can last up to 3-5 days and is an IPX7 water resistant.

Although Acer's Leap Ware is off to a good start with its comfortable fit and simple design, it could frustrate some users with one negative feature -- its agonizingly slow software. Interacting with the touchscreen can make feel like dealing with an ancient device due to the extensive delay in accessing between screens. The product will arrive in North America in July and in Europe in the second half of 2017.

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