Huawei CEO Reveals The Awful Truth About Smarwatches

The CEO of Huawei Technology is not fond of smartwatches as he revealed the truth about the gadget. Eric Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating CEO, said that he has always been confused why we need smartwatches when we already have smartphones. The CEO of one of the world’s biggest makers of smart products spoke honestly about his opinion on the device during the company’s Global Analyst Summit 2017 held in Shenzhen on Tuesday.

Mr. Xu made the revelation as his company is setting the release dates of two smartwatches of their own. He directly questioned the future of this wearable smart devices and even admitted that he had never dreamed of wearing one on his wrist anytime soon. He explained that his company's smartwatch team was very excited when they presented the ideas, but he kept reminding them to evaluate if there are actually any need for it in the market.

According to the South China Morning Post, Huawei's CEO explained his thoughts on smartwatches during a Q&A session attended by international analysts and reporters. Mr. Xu gave his straight forward opinion when he was asked by one of the reporters if he thinks smartwatches would squeeze the smartphone business. He further added that he is not optimistic about the smartwatch's future in the market.

According to Forbes, the way Huawei's CEO responded to the smartwatch question was very refreshing. It's highly rare for a CEO to diss one of his company's product. This could also be the reason why the company rotates its CEO among three men every six months. The rotating policy makes it sure that the company avoids from becoming too narrow-minded or out of touch when it comes to smart devices that they are selling.

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