Overwatch Fans Want A New Kind Of Healer As A Playable Character

By Alessia Amherst , May 02, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

Overwatch fans are requesting for a different type of healer if Blizzard decides to make another playable character under the same category. Meanwhile, a group of talented individuals has created a fan made Mercy film that sheds light on her past.

A Different Kind Of Overwatch Healer

Support characters are critical to the team as they keep everyone alive mainly through healing but sometimes by providing shields or debuffing enemies. Prominent support figures like Mercy and Ana are respected for their work in the in-game universe as they have saved countless lives in their line of duty. Even other support characters like Lucio and Zenyatta align towards righteousness judging by their lifestyle and deeds.

The only support character with questionable morals would be Symmetra but even then, she is more of a neutral character. In the end, all she hopes for is a harmonious community without disorder and chaos, unlike the Talon members who openly commit acts of terrorism. Redditor Thats_One has voiced his opinion regarding this trend and created a thread on site urging Blizzard to create an evil support character.

In line with this, the netizen suggested that this hero could be a part of Talon and would have some form of life-steal ability. It could play out with the character having the ability to shoot someone and transfer the health to themselves or their allies.

The threat itself has reached over 8000 upvotes with other internet users agreeing the Redditor's idea. Some have claimed that too many supports and healing characters are "good" and having a similar character with a nebulous personality would be a great change for the stereotype. Adding a said hero would further add to the growing diversity of the game and continue to break the typical cliches.

Fans Create A Mercy Fan Made Film

That aside, PVP Live shares that a group of fans has created a video featuring Mercy's origins. While none of it is official, it is a great way to fill in the blanks of the character's backstory. Fans are aware that she has gotten her MD and Ph.D. in Switzerland but the short film also explores the relationship between her and her father.

The Mercy fan made film also features Widowmaker and explains how Mercy's parents died during the war. Those who want to learn more about the character can play Overwatch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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