Porsche Cayenne's Strength Earn A World Record By Towing A Large Aircraft

A new Guinness world record has recently been achieved by a Porsche Cayenne, not in speed, but in robust strength. An unmodified European-spec 2017 Cayenne Diesel just recently towed a 628,000 pounds Airbus A380. This car is only rated at below 10,000 pounds therefore, that's an incredible feat indeed.

It Is As Strong As It Is Fast

The Porsche Cayenne broke the previous world record of 170 metric tons or approximately 374,510 pounds. That's almost half the weight towed by the Cayenne S Diesel. But this feat proved that this car is just as strong as it is fast when it was able to tow the massive Airbus A380.

It Broke The Guinness World Record

The robust power of the Porsche Cayenne that enabled it to break the towing world record comes from its 4.1 liters, twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This configuration enabled the car's small power plant to deliver a decent 385 horsepower coupled with 627 lb-ft of torque. The Airbus was connected to the diminutive car by a special attachment fitted into its regular tow bar.

Richard Payne, a well-known Porsche British technician, was at the wheel of the Porsche Cayenne during the towing world record-breaking feat. He admitted that the car's mirrors were all full of the Airbus A380. But this is not the first time a popular car brand attempted to tow a thing bigger than itself.

Toyota Tundra Did A Similar Thing But On A Smaller Cargo

A couple of years ago, a Toyota Tundra towed a space shuttle for 12 miles. Apparently, Porsche tried to do a similar thing this time but only with a lot more weight. The Porsche Cayenne Diesel's goal is to tow a two-decker jet which is the largest plane that Airbus builds. And with Guinness' concurrence, it was able to break the world record.

There Was No Modification Whatsoever

The Porsche Cayenne has not modified in any way. It used the standard tow bar that all of its class and types are equipped with, although a special attachment was used to accommodate the humongous Air France Airbus A380 jumbo jet. And the feat proved that this small car is not only fast, but is very strong as well.

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