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Tips On How To Set Up Your Phone For An International Travel

By Shor M. Rae , May 03, 2017 05:40 AM EDT

Planning for a vacation or a business travel outside the country is usually fun. However, there are still things to consider to make the travel a safe and convenient one. One thing to make sure that the travel is hassle-free is to set up devices especially mobile phones to cater an international travel.

Extend Mobile Services

There are several ways to prep up a phone for an international travel. One way is to maximize the use of Wi-Fi to access social media accounts and other ways of communicating aside from texting and calling through the subscribed network. Be sure to turn off cellular data when going overseas.

If just using the Wi-Fi is not enough to make the overseas trip convenient, take the subscribed American plan abroad. Go to the nearest service center of the subscribed mobile service and avail of the global package. Several network providers offer packages that consist of limited mobile data and unlimited text messages to numerous other countries.

Go Local And Use Their Phone Services

One of the most convenient ways of preparing one’s phone for a trip abroad is to make sure that it is unlocked. This way it can subscribe to other countries’ mobile network services when travelers decide to go local. This is usually recommended for people who will be staying for a while in other countries. Having a domestic phone number enables one to maximize connectivity and even avail of other local mobile services.

Of course, never forget to leave the country with a fully-charged phone. Aside from that, take note of the plug and voltage the phone uses because other countries have different types of sockets and voltage. Pack up on a plug adapter so phones can be charged anywhere anytime and it is wise to bring along a power bank in case of emergency. Phones are essential for contacting loved ones or taking photos of memories and it won't be of any use if can't function.

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