Helpful Tips On How To Save Up On Your Phone's Battery Power

One thing about having a smartphone is that one has to make sure that it keeps up with people's lifestyles. The constant thing that hinders a smart phone's productivity is its unpredictable battery life. In order to avoid a situation where the phone suddenly dies out on an emergency, here are tips to lengthen its battery power.

Switch Off Everything Unnecessary

There are lots of background applications that actually eat up battery power and nobody usually bothers to check on them. The best way to extend the phone battery's life is by switching off everything that does not matter or not necessary as of the moment. This includes features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even the ringing tones and vibration.

This can be easily turned off by putting the phone into Airplane Mode. However, calls and text messages will not be received or sent when this mode is activated. Make sure to quit and turn off the applications that were open such as social media accounts and mobile games, as these consume a lot of battery power and even heat up the phone.

Tips On Saving Up Power When Battery Is Low

There are those cruel times when a battery power runs low and one has to endure trying to save it for something important. As stated above, activate Airplane Mode to automatically turn off every background features eating up the phone's battery. Aside from quitting mobile applications, make sure to refrain from listening to music or streaming videos.

The next best thing to do in this situation is to put the phone on Low Power Mode for iOS and Battery Saver for Android. This actually automatically activates based on the adjustments placed by the phone user, which turns everything unnecessary off and even tweaks the phone's performance for its battery to last longer. Lastly, keep the phone's brightness at the minimum because the phone's display is actually one of the biggest eaters of battery life.

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