Exclusive Pokemon Go Surprise Revealed For Android Players

By Donna Bellevue , May 05, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

Pokemon Go fans who play the game on their Android devices are in for a treat for the first major surprise of 2017. They are going to get an exclusive privilege from the game to enter promo codes in the Shop to get any special items for free. A major game update is rumored to arrive this week, and this new feature added this week is aimed to whet appetites.

The latest and interesting feature has not yet been officially announced by its developer Niantic. The latest promotional codes were recently discovered in a data mine found from an earlier version of the game. It's important to mention that these new codes are currently available exclusively to Android users.

To be able to acquire these codes, Pokemon Go Android players will have to follow a series of important steps. According to Blasting News, first, users need to touch the Main Menu button in the map view, then press the Shop button. They will find a text field at the bottom of the screen where they must enter the promotional code.

The easy steps will get the users their redeemed promotional code, which they can choose to exchange with any game items of their choice. According to BGR, this new promotional feature is already available, but fans are still waiting for Niantic to start officially announcing it. So for now, users who enjoy the widely popular application will have to wait for an official go signal to start using the codes.

For all the Pokemon Go players out there who use the iOS, and are likely disappointed that only Android users can enjoy the promo code, you should be aware that another Niantic game, Ingress, had the same exclusivity. However, players on iOS devices can also avail to it by simply entering promo codes on a website rather than within the app. The same will likely be true for iPhone owners who want to snag free stuff with promo codes.

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