Fan Recreates Samurai Jack In Overwatch

Almost all Overwatch players know that the most anticipated hero is Doomfist, though Blizzard has been shady about his existence. But before all the talks about this supposed character blooms, a fan came up with the idea of putting Samurai Jack in the spotlight. And if this gets official, things are likely to be more interesting than ever.

According to Nerdist, a fan came with a brilliant idea of bringing the titular Samurai Jack to Overwatch in a mash-up art. This is thanks to a Venezuelan artist named Draw-It Ralph. In his works, the game's characters can be seen living in Jack's harsh and futuristic universe. Judging by the way it looks, every fan of the game will surely love the idea.

In one of the artist's drawings, the high-noon dude McCree is seen getting into a conflict with the aforementioned Samura warrior. Both can be seen in an Old West saloon, which is actually a nod to The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful episode from the animated series. It's really interesting to see if which of two weapons is the fastest: the gun or the sword.

Probably the most interesting in this mash-up art is Samurai Jack meditating together with Zenyatta and Genji. It's as if the three can work harmoniously, especially that they all have a drastic history to share. The check out all of the artist's works, go here.

In related Overwatch news, Express reports that Doomfist is likely to be pushed back. The game's very own director Jeff Kaplan revealed that as far as production of the said hero is concerned, they're "very far along with the hero number 25." Nonetheless, there are rumors about the character getting a shot at the game come May 24. Apparently, as what Blizzard has been doing since day one, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

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