Why Efi Oladele Could've Meant Something Huge In Overwatch

When Efi Oladele was first introduced to Overwatch, many thought she is the actual new hero coming to the game. It turns out that she's there to create a robot (Orisa), which will eventually become the game's latest character. Apparently, many fail to see that her existence could mean bigger things in the game.

The aforementioned character, albeit non-playable, was first introduced to Overwatch last February. She's an 11-year-old African girl who won the recognition of the Adawe Foundation. Her being unplayable in the game is not really a surprise, with her age being a number reason. Because seriously, it would not be fun to see Genji slashing a child to pieces.

Nevertheless, Efi is presented as one of the smartest characters in the game's lore. Think about a child who, instead of jumping and running around, happens to develop a peacekeeping robot. According to Mic, despite this, she remains to be a significant character in the title's universe. There's this question revolving around her: what exactly does Blizzard has in store for her?

Believe it or not, the young prodigy is a missed opportunity. She could have been a huge icon in the actual game. She could have been that hero ready to replace the likes of Hanzo and Tracer; but no, and it's likely not happening soon. It is still interesting to look forward to considering the fact that she's already part of the lore. Her love for technology, her incomparable genius and her passion for protecting people - these are traits worthy of being a hero.

In related Overwatch news, Polygon reports that the Uprising event has been extended after an accidental cancellation. Basically, the studio never intended to end the event early. As a way to compensate the fans for all the inconvenience, the video game company added a couple of hours for players to take advantage of the event and have the opportunity to open more loot boxes.

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