'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 90 - 93 Spoilers: Frieza Returns And Teams Up With Goku; Who Will Be Replaced?

The ongoing Universal Survival Arc continues to reveal surprises in “Dragon Ball Super”. Official updates have been released and they revealed that Frieza will actually be joining Team Universe 7 at the up and coming Tournament of Power.

Majin Buu Actually Misses Out On The Action Once Again

The official updates for “Dragon Ball Super” have revealed spoilers for the upcoming four episodes. It released the respective titles and synopses of the said episodes, disclosing some shocking development in the ongoing Universe Survival Arc. It seems like, despite Majin Buu’s hard work and even teasing fans with his new fit form, fans will not be seeing him fighting in the Tournament of Power.

The synopsis of “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 92 revealed Team Universe 7 in a state of emergency as they realize they still haven’t completed their roster of 10 warriors. The troublesome situation is apparently because Majin Buu has fallen in a sleep and he will wake up after two months. Prior to the release of the updates, fans have made funny notions that Majin Buu will fail to show up since it already happened once in the “Dragon Ball” series and it came quite a surprise that the scheme was reused in the series.

Frieza Appears To Replace Majin Buu

The creator of “Dragon Ball Super” clearly wanted more characters to show up in the series when it decided to set aside Majin Buu. In the recent synopsis for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 93, it has been revealed that Frieza, also referred to as Freeza, will be coming back to join the Tournament of Power. In a desperate state to complete their line-up and make sure Universe 7 has a fighting chance, Goku decides to recruit Frieza to replace Majin Buu.

Everybody else in Team Universe 7 seems to hate the idea of having Frieza on the team but they know they have no choice. Frieza is one of the powerful villains in the “Dragon Ball” series and creator Akira Toriyama even revealed that Frieza encompasses all of his worst fears and nightmares. Despite the team’s objections, Goku heads to Fortuneteller Baba to bring Frieza back to life.

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