‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Patch 1.20 Unveils Impressive New Photo Mode

By Joseph St. James. , May 17, 2017 10:53 AM EDT

The new photo mode of Horizon: Zero Dawn patch 1.20 produces stunning and almost life-like images that make the video game even more exciting to play. This updated Photo Mode has just been released, and gamers are excited about what it can do. They have been sharing their amazing screenshots of the video game's open world and characters since its release.

Image Capture Will Be Enhanced Even More

This Photo Mode is one of the hyped features that attracted players to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Patch 1.20 even adds more to the capability of the original mode which by itself is already able to capture the beauty of the video game's world vividly. The additional features that come with this latest patch will make the game's image capture more powerful.

What Are The Additional Features Of Patch 1.20?

What are the features that come with Patch 1.20 of Horizon: Zero Dawn? For starters, this patch will improve camera controls. Could this mean players can manipulate the Photo Mode just like a real-life camera? It seems that this new mode will also enable the players to choose different facial expressions and poses for Aloy. Apparently, Aloy can now look straight towards the camera.

Boulet, a French cartoonist, has shared some of the screenshots he made of Aloy on his Twitter account. The images he captured using the Horizon: Zero Dawn patch 1.20 seem to justify the introduction of this update. In these images, Aloy is seen in several poses while on top of a plateau. The captured images were vivid and crisp.

Personalizing Images Is Now Possible

An additional feature of the Patch 1.20 Photo Mode will personalize image capture. Players can add "greeting from" to the scene or image they want to capture and then send it to their friends as a greeting card. This new patch also comes with a grid feature. Perhaps players can use this feature to size up the image they want to capture.

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