Maserati Levante SUV Is Now Wider Than A Hummer With Novitec's Body Kit Upgrade

Maserati Levante SUV has been available in certain countries since last year. Despite its availability, many are disappointed because the cars come only in diesel. Nevertheless, according to reviews, the 2017 SUVs are great for efficiency but lacking the overall performance to take on other models from its rivals.

Novitec: Maserati Levante SUV's Tuner

Maserati, an Italian luxury car maker, had unveiled its first ever SUV last year at the Geneva Motor Show, according to The International Business Times. The firm chose the name Levante for its SUV and describes it as a car "embodying the passion and the sophisticated engineering." It comes with a signature design ideas while some dispute that it lacks a sporty feel of SUVs.

That argument is now answered since the 2017 Maserati Levante SUV updates include a wider body structure and specially made by the German refinement specialist Novitec Group. Novitec is well-known being the tuner of Ferrari vehicles, but now, more on being the designer of the Levante. Its specialization is modifications for other Italian carmakers such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo The German company called its new creation on Levante as Esteso.

Maserati Levante SUV Body Upgrade

As reported by Digital Trends, the upgraded body kit of the Maserati Levante SUV includes fender flares that add up to 4.7 inches at the back and 3.9 inches of width at the front. The new design gives the model a more aggressive look and emphasizes on how much the curvaceous body resembles a car more than a traditional SUV.

Unlike the old model, the new version has a glossy carbon fiber on the hood, which looks tacked on and unnecessarily flashy. Aside from that, Novitec also equipped the 2017 Levante with 22-inch wheels that can fill out the wheel wells perfectly. The air suspension system allows the car to ride one inch below the ground and erases all pretensions of off-roading.

Thanks to its body kit upgrade, Maserati Levante SUV is now wider than a Hummer. The bumpers located on the front and rear part of the SUV have been reworked to look sportier and more aerodynamic. Novitec has also made available both petrol and diesel 3.0-litre twin-turbo engines.


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