'Chicago Fire' Finale Leaves With A Cliffhanger; Next Season To Have Family Conflicts

By Shor M. Rae , May 18, 2017 05:51 AM EDT

NBC’s action drama series, “Chicago Fire” just ended its fifth season and it left with a cliffhanger. It has been revealed that the next season will be featuring family conflicts.

“Chicago Fire” Season 5 Ends With A Sad Note

The latest episode of “Chicago Fire”, which is titled “My Miracle”, aired on May 16 and it reminded fans of the heart racing aspect of the drama. The final episode ended with not just one of the characters, but four of them stuck in a burning building with no chance of any escape. The surprising cliffhanger has gotten fans to wonder who will survive and who will not.

Derek Haas, one of the creators of “Chicago Fire”, explained that it has been a while since they did a scene revolving around a call. The said NBC series is a show about the unpredictable and dangerous lives of firefighters and paramedics and the production wanted fans to be reminded why the show was called “Chicago Fire”. Nothing keeps people on their toes than wondering what will happen to their favorite characters that are left in a life and death situation.

“Chicago Fire” Season 6 Will Be All About Family

On May 10, NBC announced that “Chicago Fire” has been officially renewed for another season. Haas reaffirmed this and said that the sixth season will pick up immediately after the fifth season’s finale. Though the release date for “Chicago Fire” Season 6 has yet to be announced, at least fans are assured that once the show returns, they will immediately find out what happens next to the stranded characters.

Haas revealed that “Chicago Fire” Season 6 will focus on family conflicts and given that Casey gets into a tension, it is plausible that Casey survives from the fiery situation showed in the cliffhanger. Haas didn’t say if Mouch, who is also stuck in the burning building, will survive but acknowledged that Mouch is in a dangerous situation and they’ll have to see the pilot episode of the next season first to see what happens next. Haas also said that that they are still exploring new territories for the show and that they haven’t started on the new season yet but he assured fans that there will be new adventures.

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