‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5 News & Updates: Cast Member’s Exit In NBC Show Shocks Fans; Execs Confirm No New Characters This Season

By Mandy Adams , Oct 19, 2016 01:05 PM EDT
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The second episode of "Chicago Fire" season 5 left many fans shocked after one of the show's staple actors, Steven R. McQueen, left badly burned and in need of enough time to recover. This also meant that McQueen would no longer be with NBC's firefighting-inspired series. His departure sparked rumors although he wasn't the first series regular to be let go as showrunners shake things up to keep things fresh in the show.

Boden And Borelli's Conflict

"Chicago Fire" season 5, episode 2 spells the end of Jimmy Borelli's (Steve R. McQueen) career as a firefighter. The most popular storyline of the series revolves around the conflict between Borelli and Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), "Chicago Fire's" Battalion Chief.

Boden's faith in the chief wavered after his brother's death and during the episode, Borelli tries to act on his own and ends up badly injured. This spells the end of his career as a firefighter although the end of the episode showed that his conflict with Boden has been resolved.

In an interview, Michael Brandt, "Chicago Fire" executive producer, explained that Borelli had to stand up for himself. He added that the character needed to do what he believes is right even if there are high stakes.

"Chicago Fire" Season 5 Cast Changes

Given how the show has evolved over the past four seasons, many fans are curious who would leave the series next and who would be introduced into the squad. Brandt explains that making cast changes is a "necessary evil" and it is among the hardest things that producers and writers need to do.

The producer added that they are not planning to shuffle characters and change who rides on the squad and on the truck. It is also unlikely for "Chicago Fire" to have new characters for this season.

NBC's firefighting drama has been quite a success and it has been getting solid ratings. "Chicago Fire" season 5 airs every Tuesday at 10/9c.

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