'Surviving Mars' Update: What We Know So Far

By Alvin Elfwine , May 19, 2017 11:03 AM EDT

An upcoming game called Surviving Mars is set to make its landing in the gaming industry soon. And it is unlike any titles of the same genre, as it is being managed by titular studio Paradox (known for games such as Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron). As the name suggests, it focuses on the Red Planet and gives players an idea of what it feels like to be living in it.

According to Kotaku, Surviving Mars is an upcoming strategy-based game, which will become available on all platforms (i.e. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC). It will give players the chance to experience building cities and infrastructures in Mars.

The aforementioned title is being developed by Haemimont Games, with Paradox being the publisher. Its official description refers to it as a "hardcore survival city-builder" game. Here, players will be given the task to create a livable and harmonious colony. But of course, there is a catch -- one should expect any chaos as the planet is known to be hostile, so to speak.

PC World reports that the developers of Surviving Mars aims to make the forthcoming title inspirational and a bit educational. Contrary to popular belief, this game is unlike any other titles such as SimCity or Cities: Skylines. Players can expect any consequences of chaos every minute they spend building stuff in Mars.

Simply put, Surviving Mars plays around the idea of establishing human presence in an environment unfit for human beings to live. While it may be a complicated process to begin with, there is still fun in doing so. It basically ponders upon the thought of "what if humans are to exist in Mars?"

According to PCGamer, Surviving Mars has yet to receive an official release date. However, as already confirmed by the developers of the game, it is expected to be unleashed sometime next year.

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