Here's What No Man's Sky Players Think About Next Possible Update

Like any other games, updates play a very important role in the overall existence of No Man's Sky. This is most especially with the controversy the game had to go through last year. Players -- either a diehard fan or not -- will always expect something interesting. While Hello Games has continued playing the silent game, players on social media sites can't help but think about all the possible new stuff coming via the update.

In a Reddit post from user MrMemeManAMA, he asked the community about what exactly the next No Man's Sky update is. He, himself believes that it will be a "discovery update," packed with new assets and better terrains. Add to this a possibility of an updated or upgraded discovery menu. Interestingly, other players have their own ideas about it.

One No Man's Sky player hopes that it is a planet or creature (or even both) generation update that already comes with a ship customization shop. It is worth noting that the latter, in particular, has been on the most talked about features that players want to see. Moreover, some are suggesting that teleport station names should be consistent with the players' discovery names.

Another player explains that it is time for Hello Games to visit the trading and crafting systems in No Man's Sky. That it's about time for these features to undergo a major overhaul. After all, there are a good number of things in-game that serve no purpose. Crafting recipes, for example, doesn't make an absolute sense to most of the items found in the game.

While others are thinking about the features of No Man's Sky getting overhauled or improved, it still remains a mystery if the studio will even consider doing such. This is despite the presence of Sean Murray in this year's GDC, as reported by Gamasutra. Up until now, there has been no announcement of sort for the next update. Hence players, in their search for new stuff, satisfy themselves with mere speculations and whatnots.

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