‘Destiny 2’ Latest News: Bungie Announces Release Date; Unveils Official Gameplay Trailer

Avid gamers of Destiny 2 who are eagerly waiting for the latest news will be happy to know that its official gameplay trailer has just been released. Bungie has recently unveiled this teaser during a livestream event. The game publisher also disclosed the video game's release date.

The Trailer Unveiled A Great Story And Lots Of New Weapons

The official gameplay trailer of Destiny 2 featured Dominus Ghaul, the commander of the Cabal Red Legion invading The Last City. Caught in the maelstrom are the iconic characters Zavala, Ikora and Cayde-6. Based on the revealed footage, the City was pulverized by the destructive weapons of Ghaul's armies.

In the course of the invasion, the Destiny 2 official gameplay trailer unveiled new weapons, new locations and new Supers. Undoubtedly, Bungie has revealed a lot of new information and new features in this teaser. It also introduced a great story.

New Supers Are Also Coming

Apparently, gamers of Destiny 2 will see familiar characters such as the Titan, the Hunter and the Warlock. But now, they have their own particular brand new Supers. The Titan is now equipped with his Sentinel, the Warlock is armed with the Dawnblade, and the Hunter will wield the Arcstrider.

In the livestream event, fans of Destiny 2 also learned that they will be able to use the Battle.net platform of Blizzard to play the game. Prior to the event, Blizzard has already announced the game's release date which is scheduled on Sept. 8. Special editions of the game will also be available during the launch.

A Season Pass Will Also Be Available

Based on Blizzard's announcement, Destiny 2 will also have an Expansion Class. This item is actually a season pass that is comprised of Expansion I and Expansion II. Both passes will provide brand new story missions, a slew of new gears, armors and weapons, competitive player mode and cooperative activities. The video game will be playable on PS4, PC and Xbox One. It is now available for pre-order.

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