‘Phantom Dust’ Classic Cult Game Free To Download Now On PC, Xbox One

By Joseph St. James. , May 19, 2017 11:38 AM EDT
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Microsoft surprised its supporters when it announced early this week that it is going to make the classic cult video game Phantom Dust for free. This is actually a re-release that gamers who are waiting for its return should not pass up. The free download is now ongoing for PC and Xbox One.

Microsoft Originally Planned To Create A Sequel Of Phantom Dust

Phantom Dust was originally launched in 2004. The video game combines deck building with frenzied arena brawling. The classic cult game features two characters, Chris and Heather, who collect magic spells and fight their way to achieve victories in their quests. Microsoft originally announced that it will develop a sequel to the game in 2016 but something happened that led the tech giant to shelve the project.

But It Decided To Issue A Re-Release Of The Original

Apparently, Microsoft has now decided to re-release the original cult classic. The setting of Phantom Dust is a post-apocalyptic future. Microsoft tries to place the game between magical fantasy and punk aesthetics. It became a hit with gamers because of its multiplayer character, although a single player can enjoy it as much.

The Game Comes With Enhanced Features

Microsoft's promo claims that this free download version of Phantom Dust is coming with new gameplay improvements. These include improved frame rate, multiplayer starter decks that allow gamers to shift into multiplayer at once, and adjustments in overall game balance.

However, gamers should be aware that some technical quirks are still plaguing Phantom Dust. The camera is one of its biggest issues. Gamers will still find it difficult to toggle between opponents. In a game such as this, locking into enemies is very crucial. The awkward movements of the characters can also put off gamers who are used to seamless RPGs.

Gamers Should Not Pass Up This Free Offer

Even then, the chance to play this classic cult video game for free is a chance that many gamers will not likely pass up. Those who are interested in getting a free download of Phantom Dust should do it now from the Windows Store or the Xbox Store. A multiplayer starter pack is also available for free.

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