Grab These Free iOS Games On App Store Available This Week

By Joseph St. James. , May 23, 2017 07:17 AM EDT

There are lots of free iOS games available now for free on the App Store. Gamers should not pass up this chance to grab these free games this week. There are many winning titles included in this free offer, and there is no telling when this offer will be taken out.

Combat Elite: Border Wars Is Free

One of the exciting iOS games that gamers can get from the App Store is Combat Elite: Border Wars. This game is the Sniper Edition of the Border Wars franchise. Players can ride armored bikes, use deadly shooter equipment and other destructive weapons to take down criminals. In this PVP game, if players are effective at sniping at their enemies, they can rise to become the Supreme Commander.

Terminator Genisys: Future War Is Also Free

One of the more exciting iOS games available for free on the App Store this week is Terminator Genisys: Future War. It is a strategy game that pits the Resistance forces of humans against an army of machines. Skynet is offline, and Genisys is destroyed. However, the war is still going on. Players will have to build their base, fight the machines and hopefully attain victory in the process.

Battle Islands: Commander Comes Free This Week As Well

A third notable iOS game that comes free this week at the App Store is Battle Islands: Commander. In this game, players will get involved in World War II battles. They will fight the enemy in the bitter cold of the Eastern Front, all the way to the sandy dunes of North Africa. In so doing, gamers could master the art of war through the game's head to head combat gameplay.

Here Are Four More Free iOS Titles

Other exciting iOS games that are also free to play at the App Store this coming week include EverClicker, an all-new RPG game where players have to battle endless numbers of enemies. Dino Factory, wherein gamers will be able to create and sell dinosaurs. Phobos Children, a game about humans stranded in a spaceship that's orbiting around a strange planet, and Guardian Kingdoms, a strategy game where players are tasked to protect a castle against enemy kingdoms.

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