‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Summoning Unveiled; Enables Gamers Increase the Powers of Azura, Hinata And Other Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes has recently unveiled a new summoning focus. This new feature will enable players to increase the powers of their heroes faster. Apparently, it is difficult to do this before. If this is true, this new feature will bring the players' gaming experience to the next level.

The New Summoning Will Affect Four Heroes

The new summoning feature of Fire Emblem Heroes is called "Focus: Weapon Triangle." This feature will affect four heroes of the video game. They are Hinata, Titania, Cecilia, and Azura. Each of these four heroes carries a particular weapon of her choice or specialty.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Hinata wields a sword and goes by the name of Wild Samurai. Titania carries an ax and is called Mercenary. Cecilia brandishes the Green Tome, otherwise known as the Etrurian General. Azura is an expert in using a Lance and is called Lady of the Lake.

The choicest among these four heroes is Azura. Many gamers of Fire Emblem Heroes believe that with her fastness and ability to increase the resistance of her allies, she is the best among the four. She also has a "Sing" ability that can influence her target to take an alternative action. According to gamers, this ability also makes her the top choice.

This Banner Is Now Live Worldwide

A blog post on Reddit seems to indicate that this "Focus: Weapon Triangle" summoning feature of Fire Emblem Heroes is now live worldwide and is available on iOS and Android. The post also indicates that this banner will last only up to June 6 of this year. It also added that it would last seven days after Celica's banner ends.

The Powers Of These Heroes Will Increase 20 Percent

With this summoning feature, these four characters of Fire Emblem Heroes will be able to use the triangle weapon to their advantage. They will be able to wield a special colored weapon that will give each of them 20 percent Atk bonus when fighting their opponents using this triangle advantage.

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