‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Update: Patch 1.22 Now Live; Fixes Bugs, Progression Issues And More

This is what fans of Horizon Zero Dawn like with Guerilla Games. It is diligent in releasing patch notes. The game developer recently released update 1.21. Fans have not even blinked yet and here comes another update, patch 1.22. And this latest patch doesn't just address the minor issues.

Patch 1.22 Is Focused On Correcting Major Issues

Unlike the previous patches of Horizon Zero Dawn, patch 1.22 seems to focus on fixing major issues. Perhaps Guerilla wants to make its loyal fans really happy because this latest update is designed primarily to fix different bugs and the many issues that plague the game.

In patch 1.22 of Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerilla is addressing quest progression issues, crashes, and the problems related to Photo Mode. The lure call issue where players could attract bandits from the other side of the camp is also addressed. A lot of these issues are connected with disabling the HUD in which the game is also affected.

Here Are Some Details Of Patch 1.22

Here are pertinent details on what comes with Horizon Zero Dawn, patch 1.22. The update comes in three categories. First is the General Fixes, second is the Photo Mode Fixes, and third is the Crash fixes.

There is a total of eight issues that were addressed by the General Fixes of Horizon Zero Dawn, patch 1.22. The most notable of these is the fix on the lure call which is already mentioned. Another notable fix in this category is the issue where some players 'Strike from Above' would not activate if they are coming from a zip line.

A total of seven issues were corrected by the Photo Mode Fixes of Horizon Zero Dawn, patch 1.22. The fix that gamers would find very beneficial is the problem where changing poses after throwing a rock would result in crazy animations that cause Aloy's body to bend, spin and twist rapidly.

The Crash fixes of Horizon Zero Dawn, patch 1.22 address miscellaneous crashes. Guerilla did not provide any details on these different crashes. But it is important to know that these crashes won't plague the game anymore.

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