University Study Says 'Pokemon GO' Encourages Physical Activity

Ever since Pokemon GO was released, gamers who were most of the time seated indoors began to venture out. The mobile game has apparently encouraged players to stand up, explore, and generally move around in order to progress. However, other gamers have found ingenious ways to trick the game into thinking that the player is actively moving. It has been debated whether the game does encourage physical activity or not. A study from the Duke University of Medicine reveals some surprising data.

Despite the common belief that most gamers are just cheating their way through Pokemon GO, it appears that physical activity among players has indeed increased. According to the university's study results, gamers who previously led sedentary lifestyles suddenly found the inspiration to start moving around. GameRant notes that the level of activity might not exactly reach the degree of a workout, but it does encourage gamers who never exercised to jumpstart their lifestyle.

The university reportedly published the results of the study. It says, "the best form of physical activity is the one people will do." Exercises are "not necessarily the ones with the highest energy expenditure." It was pointed out that Pokemon GO "provides an alternative way to engage people who live in a sedentary lifestyle." Normally, these individuals are those who never even want to do any kind of exercise.

Even though the university study proves that playing Pokemon GO legitimately does benefit gamers with a little exercise, there are some players who opt to cheat instead. Niantic has started to crack down on cheaters that use unapproved software, spoofing locations, or using emulators. According to The Verge, these players will only start to see common creatures like Rattatas, Zubats, and Pidgeys.

Furthermore, the university's study suggests that high-risk groups could benefit from an additional 2,000 steps. The activity can already reduce their annual risk of a heart attack by an estimated eight percent. Therefore, Pokemon GO can be considered as a starting point for sedentary gamers to get up and get some exercise.

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