'Pokemon GO' Latest News: Niantic Rolls Out New Feature To Punish Cheaters

Finally, it seems Niantic is sniping back at Pokemon GO cheaters after months of letting them run amuck. The latest news indicates that the game developer has recently rolled out a new feature that will punish cheaters. Will this feature succeed in preventing cheaters from spoofing the video game?

A New Anti-Cheat Security Feature

According to a report, Niantic has rolled out a new anti-cheat security feature in the mobile app. The aim of this anti-cheat measure is to prevent Pokemon GO players who are using third party software to cheat the game. Apparently, the cheaters have already gone out of control forcing Niantic to implement this measure.

How The Feature Works

The new Pokemon GO anti-cheat security feature works like this: If a player tries to spoof his whereabouts in his bid to hunt Pokemon without really going out to search for them, this anti-cheat feature will prevent him from seeing rare Pokemon on the map. He will only find common creatures.

It seems that Niantic is also threatening Pokemon GO cheaters that they will be banned from playing the game if they continue cheating. According to the game developer, honest players should not be afraid as the anti-cheat feature only affects players whose accounts have already been flagged. However, some observers believe that players who use third-party trackers or IV stat apps might still be flagged and could be affected even if they don't cheat.

A Temporary Solution

Apparently, Niantic has resorted to this anti-cheat measure as a temporary solution to the problem posed by Pokemon GO cheaters. It could be effective since it limits these cheaters by just allowing them to catch common characters such as Weedles and Zubatas. Other cheaters should feel relieved that they are not completely banned from the game.

There are rumors that Niantic is developing other security measures to punish cheaters. But for honest gamers of Pokemon GO, the best they could do now is to avoid using third party software. There is a legendary Pokemon being touted by Niantic recently. If gamers want to catch this legendary, their accounts should be clean.

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