Netflix Cancels These 5 Shows: 'The Get Down', 'Marco Polo' And More

By Shor M. Rae , May 26, 2017 09:12 AM EDT

News has been flocked with reports of numbers of television shows being canceled by various television networks. Some have been met with disappointment, others with fury. Netflix joins the bandwagon and announces that it will be dropping five shows.

Netflix Cancels Musical Series 'The Get Down'

Netflix announced that it will be pulling the plug from five shows and it includes the musical drama series, “The Get Down”. The said show was one of the Netflix series that was highly received with positive reviews. However, after one season consisting of 11 episodes, Netflix has officially canceled the series.

The news was quite a shock, especially when “The Get Down” was a show that grew on many and even garnered some few awards and recognitions. The said musical series is reportedly one of Netflix’s most expensive production, which cost them up to $120 million. In addition to the huge amount of money that they had to shell out, the show reportedly faced issues with production stopping every now and then.

It was reported that the cancellation of “The Get Down” had something to do with Baz Luhrmann’s inability to commit to the show. Luhrmann took to Facebook to explain why the show has been killed and revealed that he is too caught up making movies. Sony and Netflix wanted a second season, which was reportedly in the works as early as April 2017, but Luhrmann revealed that he had to comply with the film directing contract he signed into, which will last for two years.

'Marco Polo' And Three More Netflix Shows Cancelled

Aside from “The Get Down”, Netflix also announced the cancellation of four more shows. “Longmire” and “Lilyhammer”, which have been running for three seasons on Netflix did not make the cut. The two series enjoyed steady good ratings but it seems like that just wasn’t enough. “Hemlock Grove”, which suffers from low ratings, and “Marco Polo”, which ran for two seasons have also been canceled.

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