‘Mass Effect Andromeda Latest Update: The Quarians Are Coming Back Soon

By Joseph St. James. , May 29, 2017 08:09 AM EDT

A recent posting on the official website of Mass Effect: Andromeda seems to indicate that a group of space nomads is coming. The post details a briefing on the eight Apex mission in the video game. This led some to speculate that the Quarians are coming back to the game soon. They are a major race in the video game's original trilogy. However, they were not included in the current story.

Are There Not Enough Aliens In The Game?

Apparently, there are not enough sentient aliens in Mass Effect Andromeda that these Quarians are making a comeback. The previously mentioned brief contains relevant information that led to speculations that these masked space nomads are returning. There are no indications of such in the latest video clip of the video game though.

The Details Of The Mission Sparked The Rumors

What sparked the rumors that they are returning to the game is the detailed breakdown of the mission as posted on the official website of Mass Effect Andromeda. The subject of the post is the Apex Mission Brief 08: "Deeper into the Ruins." The latest update says it relates to the success of the Apex Personnel in uploading into the Remnant systems. That provided them the knowledge to shut down the most critical Remnant devices used by the Archons.

A Quarian Must Have Sent The Message

The post said the transmission was broken up because of the weak signal and poor translation. But it tells about something going back to Keelah Si'yah. Literally, that phrase means "By the homeworld I hope to see one day." Some observers believe that a Quarian has sent the transmission. If that is true, then this nomad race could appear once more in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

However, there are others who say that bringing back the Quarians at this time will not be enough to boost the fortune of Mass Effect Andromeda. Fans will recall that BioWare has recently put the video game's development on the backburner. Apparently, the game developer is issuing this DLC to somehow redeem the game in the eyes of its fans.

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