'Monster Hunter XX' For Switch Announcement Boosts Nintendo Stocks

Nintendo got an unexpected push that raised it stock prices when Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter XX is bound for the Nintendo Switch. The game is apparently an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations. According to analysts, Nintendo's stocks floated up by 5.48 percent to an equivalent of $300.90 per share. Meanwhile, sources confirmed that Capcom's stocks move up a 3.97 percent, which puts it at around $27 a share.

Market analysts noted that the last time Nintendo's stocks reached close to this level was back in 2008. During that time, the excellent performance of its numbers was attributed to the great success of the Nintendo Wii. Game Rant added that the Japanese gaming giant's stocks also experienced a sudden jump during the reveal of Pokemon GO. However, it was reportedly short-lived as investors mistakenly thought the game was developed in-house by Nintendo. Therefore, Capcom's Monster Hunter XX seems like another step in the right direction for both companies.

Experts also project that the announcement of Monster Hunter XX for the Switch will surely push long-time fans of the series to invest on a Nintendo Switch. It appears that Nintendo has really gone the extra mile to get more third-party developers involved with the Switch's software lineup. The company has most likely learned its lesson from the poorly-received Nintendo Wii U, which lacked a solid support from the bulk of major third-party publishers. While Japanese gamers are surely excited for the new game, a Western release has yet to be confirmed by Capcom.

The original Monster Hunter XX was launched for the Nintendo 3DS back in March. Capcom has also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version will offer cross-play with the 3DS for online sessions only. Additionally, save data can also be moved from the 3DS to the Switch, while the current save game limitation on the Switch, unfortunately, prohibits it from moving data to the 3DS, says Gamespot. The game will output 1080p while the Switch is docked and 720p in portable mode, just like most games for the new platform.

Capcom's announcement of Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch adds to more great news involving the new game system. Just last week, Epic has also confirmed that its Unreal Engine 4 is now fully compatible with the hybrid console. All these positive publicity will most likely boost investor confidence for Nintendo's new system.

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