Lamborghini To Use Carbon Fiber For Next-Gen Prosthetics Research

Toady, Lamborghini has signed a contract to collaborate on a specific project with the Houston Methodist Research Institute. The two organization is set to draw on its expertise using carbon fiber for future medical use. The agreement is for the car engineers and medical executives cooperate and conduct a research for the new-age prosthetics.

Like airplane and helicopter makers, Lamborghini relies massively on the advanced composite materials to make its future cars as light as possible. These elements include carbon fiber, which will make any vehicle lighter than expected. Some of the technology, aw well as the way it is applied during the production, comes from the world of aerospace which is the industry concerned with both aviation and space flight.

According to CarCoops, Lamborghini will start researching about the viability of using the composite material carbon fiber in prosthetics. The Italian carmaker hopes to create brand new elements that will give effect to cars to be lighter in terms of weight. Aside from that, the vehicles with the new feature are also expected to me more resistant over the time and better tolerated by the human body.

As of now, Lamborghini handles every round of the production method in-house. In fact, the employees, especially the engineers of the company, call this act of market a building block approach. According to DigitalTrends, some of the engineers working on the project were Italians that had earlier worked for Boeing in Seattle, Washington.

As far as the records are the concern, Lamborghini is a leading carmaker in carbon fiber among its rivals since 2007. It has been looking to develop composite technologies during the years through its Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) in Washington. Aside from that, the carmaker also works with a number of medical facilities and departments all over Italy on different research projects.


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