Tesla To Test A Simpler Configurator For Model S And X Ahead Of Model 3 Launch

Tesla is currently looking to streamline the process or ordering with the Model 3. In fact, Tesla is reportedly testing a new simpler configurator for both Tesla Model S and X. This move is uncertain since it is so much ahead of the Model 3 launch date.

The new configurator packages the options and moves away from comparing the models with their battery packs. According to Electrek, Tesla recently confirmed that the company is planning to limit the number of configurations to fewer than 100 as opposed to the different configuration of Model S with more than 1,500. Tesla's recent move seems to give all car enthusiasts an idea of what the automaker configurator with more limited possibilities could look like.

Tesla was already looking for the possibility of removing and simplifying its options when it discontinued its sedan car, the Model S 60, earlier this year. In fact, as reported by BGR, Tesla's plan for the Model 3 is to make it simple because they believe that it will give success to them.

At the same time, the American automaker removed its metallic roof option and bundled others, such as the automatic rear power liftgate, as well as the 72-amp charger. These tools are built together in specific packages instead of separating them. As of now, Tesla is introducing “packages” even before going down to other choices.

The options “Standard”, “Premium”, and “Performance” are the equivalent units of the Model S car “75”, “100D”, and “P100D," respectively. Anything that is not mentioned from the choices is considered as “custom-built” and Tesla redirects customers to the old configurator in order to start placing an order.

With this new Tesla configurator, the Palo Alto-based automaker is also reemphasizing the “after savings” price, which is said to be something the company used to do years and year ago. As far as the history is the concern, Tesla would only allow buyers to see the price of the vehicle after EV incentives and gas savings options.

After a few years, it separated those prices for transparency and page clarity. However, considering the reports today, it appears to be that Tesla is coming back to the old habit and immediately displays full and exact prices on the review screen.


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