Pokemon GO Update: Game's Newest Event 'Ice And Fire' Revealed, To Arrive With XP Bonus

By Binot Lewis , Jun 06, 2017 10:14 PM EDT

It has been said from time to time that among the things players love about Pokemon GO are events. The latter just keep the game's momentum afloat, as players are enticed to rewards and new adventures. This time around, Niantic is set to introduce yet another event.

According to Daily Star, the fans of the hit augmented reality game Pokemon GO might be experiencing another event. It is deemed the Fire and Ice event, which many believe to arrive sometime this month. Interestingly, this speculation came from the same sources who predicted the existence of the previous water event.

This was all thanks to TeamEvolution, a very titular source of Pokemon GO leaks. The team has taken into social media sites an announcement pertaining to an upcoming Fire and Ice event. Sure, this should be taken with a grain of salt; however, it cannot be denied that the accuracy of this entity when it comes to leaks has been off the charts.

The aforementioned event, if the leaks point the right direction, should come into existence come June 13 at around 1 PM PDT. It should end at June 20 at 1 PM PDT, making it a long week event. This event, in particular, is reportedly intended to celebrate the start of summer and winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere, respectively.

Forbes notes that the Fire and Ice event in Pokemon GO will without a doubt increase the spawn rates of fire and ice type creatures. Add to these are a dramatic boost in XP gain, with the possibility of PokeStop items getting huge discounts and whatnot.

While this is definitely an interesting event to look forward to, Pokemon GO players should still wait for further confirmation. Besides, if there is truth to this, they can expect Niantic to drop the big reveal in the coming days or so. And perhaps, they will make all of these official soon.

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