'Pokemon GO' Update: Niantic Confirms Multiplayer Feature This Summer

Recently, Niantic made some interesting revelation about an upcoming Pokemon GO update come summer. Basically, this will be bringing the highly anticipated Legendary creatures along with the much-awaited PVP battle system. Apparently, though, another feature is also likely to set its foot on the titular mobile game.

Polygon reports that the studio is working on a new Pokemon GO update, which is set to be released this summer. As mentioned, it will be bringing some of the most requested features and pocket monsters to the game. Interestingly, it will also give birth to a multiplayer system.

Niantic's very own Mathieu de Fayet made the interesting announcement via O Globo, a Brazilian site. He said that these features have already been planned, but they had to postpone previously. That is because they want to ensure that everything will work accordingly.

De Fayet said that they are quite burdened, in a good note, with the success of Pokemon GO. Hence, it took them a good amount of time to work and develop these upcoming features. The forthcoming update is said to give out "more value to the choice of the teams." Add to these are the confirmed arrival of the Legendary pocket monsters and battles between trainers.

The Niantic executive also pointed out that for them, social interactions play a significant role in the success of Pokemon GO. That in order to sustain the game's massive success, these must be ensured. After all, this is among the lessons they have learned from Ingress, an app which they also developed previously.

The Verge, on the other hand, reports that Niantic is making millions and millions out of every sponsored PokeStops in Pokemon GO. The publication states that with every visit players make to these stops, the studio is earning a maximum of 50 cents. This figure is reportedly enough to keep the cash flow going, giving the studio sufficient resources to further develop the hit augmented reality game.

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