‘Injustice 2’ Rolls Out First Big Update; Reveals Details Of New Patch Notes For Wonder Woman, Flash, Arrow, Joker And Many More

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 06, 2017 11:01 PM EDT

NetherRealm is rolling out the first big update of Injustice 2. The patch notes reveal the changes that will be made on a number of characters in the game. Those affected by the changes include Wonder Woman, Flash, Arrow, Joker and much more.

Additional Characters May Be Added To The Game

Justin Murray, concept artist of Injustice 2 has also shared some of his character artworks that observers say could be included in a future DLC pack. Murray's artworks are quite detailed in depicting three characters that could be included in the game. Combined with the upcoming update, they could really bring the game to a higher quality level.

The June 5 full patch notes of Injustice 2 released by NetherRealm relates to the stage-specific fixes as well as general fixes that will improve the overall playability of the game and its intractable. However, the changes that will be most welcome to the fans are the changes or modifications made to several in-game characters.

The Changes Made On Wonder Woman

For instance, the latest patch notes of Injustice 2 reveal the changes made to Wonder Woman. With the changes, Wonder Woman will no longer loose the armor of the Gear ability Amalthea's Protection when meter-burned. The latest update will also fix a bug that causes the Upward Amalthea Bash when a wake-up is done so that invulnerability will be lost before the activated frame.

Changes Were Also Made On Green Arrow, Flash And Joker

The full patch notes also revealed that a bug affecting Green Arrow has been fixed. This bug prevents Canary's Kiss from getting a damage boost when done as a bounce cancel or when meter-burned. This Injustice 2 update will also correct a problem affecting Flash. The visual effects for Gear Ability Sonic Bolt will not disappear anymore when Flash is hit during the recovery frames.

To prevent a hard-to-avoid block trap that affects most characters, the latest update of Injustice 2 also reduced Joker's block stun on Chattering Teeth by 5. The full patch notes also detailed the changes made to Poison Ivy, Deadshot, Black Adam, Darkseid, Bane and many other characters.

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