iPhone 8 Not Supporting Gigabit LTE; Here's Why

By Monica U Santos , Jun 10, 2017 06:06 AM EDT

Later this year, when Apple finally releases its most anticipated iPhone 8, the tech firm's flagship smartphone, it might not be able to access mobile data or gigabit LTE just like some of its Android-based handset rivals. For the record, many mobile carriers have started rolling out their network upgrades that will handle gigabit data speeds. However, Apple iPhone 8 will reportedly be unable to play along with other smartphones.

According to BGR, this issue comes from Apple’s tendency to source key elements from varying suppliers. This is not only to address the risk of supply issue as a major problem but further pitting two component suppliers against each other. In addition to that, Apple can also secure favorable pricing if its upcoming iPhone 8 will not support gigabit LTE.

With regards to the mobile device, the iPhone 8 will feature LTE modems from both companies, Qualcomm and Intel. Needless to say, the Cupertino-based tech giant wants to ensure that the performance of their new flagship device remains uniform no matter what LTE unit it happens to feature.

On the other hand, although Qualcomm’s offering can really support the preceding gigabit data speeds, Apple's iPhone 8 won’t support such speeds on account of the fact that Intel’s LTE modems can’t compete just yet. According to SlashGear, Apple plans to disable the gigabit LTE on iPhones with Qualcomm modems, and with that, the firm doesn't have a speed advantage over tale with Intel modems.

All of this stories don't mean that Intel is not planning to have something coming soon. In fact, earlier this year, Intel unleashed a new XMM 7650 modem that can manage gigabit LTE speeds. The only crease on this is that it just won’t be available in time for the release of Apple iPhone 8. According to the representative from Intel, who spoke on the subject this past February, the company's blazing fast LTE modem won’t be available until next year.


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