'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: New Arc Hinted; Kale's Transformation Canonizes Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

The ongoing Universe Survival Saga of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series has gotten fans on their toes with the unexpected turns of events. As the arc approaches its possible end, speculations of various upcoming arcs have been brought up.

In the earlier episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”, Uub was briefly mentioned, which hinted that the anime series might do a separate arc for Uub. The speculations for this arc is a time jump crossover between “Dragon Ball Super” and “Dragon Ball Z” to set the story straight. Uub is the reincarnation of Kid Buu and in the old “Dragon Ball” anime series, he turned out to be Goku’s student.

In the recent episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”, another set of speculations for future arcs has been raised. In one of the latest episodes, Whis and Beerus were able to convince Team Universe 7 to recruit Frieza because of a certain mortal who was stronger than the gods of destruction wherein Beerus even said that he lost at arm wrestling against the said mortal. Though this powerful mortal was not identified, it is predicted that a whole new arc will be allotted for him/her. There are speculations also that this strong mysterious fighter might be from one of the universes that have been exempted from participating in the up and coming Tournament of Power.

One of the highlights of the current arc, Universe Survival Saga is the introduction of the first female Super Saiyans from Universe 6. The said Saiyans showed that they were better with honing and handling their transformations. One thing that surprised fans is the appearance of a female Broly, who turned out to be the timid Kale. Broly was introduced in “Dragon Ball Z” as the legendary Super Saiyan and Kale’s transformation, as well as her skills, have made Broly’s character canon in the anime series. With Kale possibly being another legendary Super Saiyan, a new arc may take place focusing on Kale and the Saiyans of Universe 6.

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