LG Is Creating The Next Pixel Smartphone

LG Electronics has allegedly gotten the green light to manufacture the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone. This new rumor is courtesy of a bug report log discovered on June 13 in the database of Android Issue Tracker.

According to Android Headlines, this piece of information was part of a brief exchange between an employee of Google and an LG engineer. The conversation over "USB PD Compliance Failure" focused on the closing a bug report. The Google employee asked the one from LG Electronics to close the bug report and move it to a "Power" subdirectory. The path of the subdirectory is Android > Partner > External > LGE > Taimen > power. Obviously, the most striking parts of this hierarchy are the ones that mention LGE and Taimen.

Taimen is the codename supposedly given by Google to one of its upcoming Pixel phones. The new Pixel smartphone, which may go by Google Pixel XL 2, is expected to be one of Google's flagship smartphones coming this 2017.

This new rumor regarding LG comes on the heels of another which says Google has already canceled any plans to produce the "Muskie". According to 9to5Google, Google allegedly stopped development of Muskie because of issues with its battery life. It is also believed that the Muskie will generally not be cost effective for the company.

The Google Pixel 3 has also been the subject of numerous rumors regarding which company will win the rights to manufacture it. It was initially believed that at least three companies were in the running to produce the Pixel 3 - LG, TCL, and Coolpad. A fourth candidate, HTC, is currently working with Google to produce the upcoming Pixel smartphone. Google also partnered with HTC to manufacture the original Pixel phone so their history and relationship will certainly play a factor in Google's decision for the Pixel 3.

LG, meanwhile, has previously denied that it has already been chosen to make the Pixel 3. It has not issued any statement regarding this new rumor that it is working on the next Pixel smartphone.

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