Google Pixel 2 Latest Leak Reveals New Shape

The Google Pixel 2 will not look anything like the original Pixel if the latest concept of the handset that's making the rounds is anywhere near the actual design. If yes, then the Google Pixel 2 will be absolutely gorgeous.

BGR reported on the new Google Pixel 2 concept art made by Mushin M. Belaal Auckburaully, a graphic designer who's been creating concepts for some time now. Auckburaully made use of the few details of the upcoming Pixel 2 and created a concept that could jack up the excitement for the Android phone.

The Google Pixel 2 concept comes with very slim bezels, the current trend which is likely to stay. At the back is a dual camera setup situated vertically at the middle. Below it is what looks like a fingerprint sensor.

According to ValueWalk, Google will likely release three variations of the Pixel 2. The three handsets will probably be known as the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and the Pixel 2 XXL. The Pixel 2 will be released this year while it is not clear when the other two models will be launched and released. Rumors say that Google is planning to release the Pixel 2 XL in October which will start a tradition as the first ever Google Pixel smartphone was released on October 20 last year.

The buzz is that Google is on a wait-and-see approach. The company will see first how Apple and its expected three versions of the next iPhone will fare before deciding on when to release the other Pixel handsets.

Interestingly, there is another rumor which says Google has already canceled the new Pixel 2 XL and is instead focusing on the Pixel 2 XXL. In other words, Google is going with "Walleye" and "Taimen" while shelving "Muskie" for now.

As the expected launch of the Google Pixel 2 comes closer, expect more rumors like these. As such, some of these rumors will contradict each other making it wise to wait for official statements from Google before believing anything regarding its upcoming Pixel devices.

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