2017 Tesla Model X P100D: 2-Year-Old EV Is Still Ahead Of Its Time

Tesla has been hogging the headlines recently with its upcoming Model 3. However, the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 is not the only electric car in its stable that deserves praise. In fact, the 2017 Tesla Model X P100D deserves a lot of your attention.

The Tesla Model X P100D is just about its futuristic falcon-wing doors. There's more to it than its moonroof and the 17-inch touch screen on the dashboard. The Tesla Model X P100D has been around for a couple of years now yet it continues to impress mainly because it's so ahead of its time.

As Chicago Tribune realized, the Model X P100D is also not just about its gorgeous yet futuristic look. It's also about speed. Chicago took the EV out for a spin and was exhilarated when the P100D reached 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

The Tesla Model X P100D comes with a key that controls some features of the car remotely. When approaching the car, the driver can press or tap on the key and the doors will open, the mirrors will unfold, and the lights will turn on.

According to Digital Trends, there are a couple of issues with the Tesla Model X P100 D. First is poor visibility at the rear. The electric vehicle employed a small rear windshield along with a small rear-view mirror making it difficult t see the back especially when it's dark. Fortunately, navigation and the backup camera somewhat made up for this slip-up.

Digital Trends also called out the interior of the electric car. While the inside of the Model X P100D is generally impressive with black and white upholstery that felt like faux-leather, there are some materials that seemed out of place. The shiny black plastic on the back of the seats easily got scratched up.

The Tesla Model X P100D retails for a base price of $135,500. The fully loaded version will cost a little over $162,000.

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