Microsoft’s AI Achieves Perfect Score in Ms. Pac-Man; Why Can’t Humans Do It?

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 15, 2017 06:59 AM EDT

The perfect score in Ms. Pac-Man has recently been achieved, not by a human being, but by Microsoft's AI. Did anybody in the gaming world expect that? Perhaps some do, but probably most did not. Most humans still think that they are better than machines when it comes to logical and critical thinking, AI included.

There Are Reasons Why AI Was Able To Do It

But why did Microsoft's AI achieve the impossible when no human can? For sure, there are definite reasons and this article will try to examine them. The incredible feat in achieving the perfect Ms. Pac-Man score was done with the help of Maluuba.

Microsoft acquired Maluuba, a deep learning team, in Jan. 2017. This team developed an AI system that was able to solve the puzzle of Ms. Pac-Man. The AI was able to reach a score of 999,000, the maximum point value of Ms. Pac-Man. It played the game on an Atari 2600 and did the impossible by using a combination of divide-and-conquer method and reinforcement learning.

Here Lies The Main Reason

Perhaps this is the main reason why Microsoft's AI was able to gobble up all the escaping minions in Ms. Pac-Man. The results show that it was able to 'defeat' the game by using this unique combined method of solving the game's puzzles. Are there no humans who thought of using the same strategy?

And Here Are Some More Reasons

Maybe there are, but Microsoft's AI using all its computer capabilities (and chicaneries?) will be able to do it better and more efficiently in Ms. Pac-Man since it is not affected by emotions, stress and all that stuff. And AI can do it terribly faster than any human, except for maybe The Flash? But then this mythical hero is not an ordinary human, yes?

Can Humans Do It?

So, the entire humanity can just forget all about it because, frankly, no human being can think faster than the most powerful computer existing today. Therefore, unless they are able to get to their god-like potentials, no human being can achieve the perfect 999,000 maximum point value in Ms. Pac-Man that Microsoft's AI did.

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