'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 96 Spoilers: Beerus Has Hidden Plans? Four Universes Convene With Omni King

Official updates from Shounen Jump for “Dragon Ball Super” have just been released. New spoilers for an upcoming episode reveal that things will go well as planned.

Japanese official publication for manga and anime updates, Shounen Jump, released legit updates on the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series. The updates, which are also spoilers, pertain to “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 96. It features Team Universe 7, the Omni King Zen-Oh, and the four strongest universes that have been missing in the series for quite some time.

In the updates, it has been revealed that the Tournament of Power will finally commence in just after a couple of episodes. Goku and the rest of Team Universe 7 gear up and head on their way towards the World of Void, which is where the tournament is going to be held. In addition, Beerus has revealed that he has thought up of a great strategy for the team. In the previous episodes, Gohan has already revealed that they are planning to keep to the middle of the arena but pointed out that this will be difficult since the other teams will also do this.

Meanwhile, Zen-Oh the Omni King is relaxing while the tournament officially starts. With a few moments to spare before every participating teams show up, the four exempted universes suddenly show up in front of him. Universe 1, Universe 12, Universe 8, and Universe 5 were declared the strongest universes because they were top four in the mortal level rankings, hence the Omni King exempted them from joining in the tournament. The updates from Shounen Jump did not reveal why the gods of destructions from the four universes suddenly showed up but there’s clearly something going on.

Shounen Jump particularly did not mention anything about Frieza nor Yamcha. Earlier leaks for “Dragon Ball Super’ claimed that Frieza will be joining Universe 4 and Yamcha will join Team Universe 7 at the last minute. The said leaks could have been false reports or Shounen Jump purposely left out those details to keep the suspense going on.

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