Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Pro Deemed As A 'Glue-filled Monstrosity', Proves They're Nearly Impossible To Repair

Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro at separate events last May this year. Both laptops are powerful devices as they are made using many custom parts, which could make them difficult to repair. According to reports, iFixit has taken its ability in a teardown to discover and dismantle just how hard it is to fix both devices and has also documented the process.

When the Surface Laptop was launched, Microsoft put emphasis on the details of the design and how the use of metal, cloth, and glass all worked well together to try and deliver a one of a kind experience. However, with this experience, there is the disadvantage of having a laptop that is nearly impossible to fix or repair. iFixit said, "The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. It's a glue-filled monstrosity. There is nothing about it that is upgradable or long-lasting, and it literally can't be opened without destroying it."

As for the Surface Laptop, which seems to be the same case, earning a repairability score of zero. Since the laptop is not meant to be opened or fixed, it required from iFixit people to cut the Signature Alcantara material-covered keyboard to access the internals of the laptop. Once in, the major components such as the CPU and RAM are soldered to the motherboard, that makes replacing the parts impossible. iFixit explained that it is extremely difficult to poke around the insides.

iFixit also took the opportunity to pull apart Microsoft's new Surface Pro and does earn a repairability score of one of out 10, trumping the Surface Laptop's zero. "display removal procedure is simplified by the use of thin foam adhesive and a fused display", iFixit noted. So, if there's something needs to be fixed, the display assembly first needs to be detached or removed, however, that can cause damage to the product.


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