Living Stylodactylid Shrimp Documented 4826 Meters Deep

Living Stylodactylid Shrimp Documented 4826 Meters Deep

Living stylodactylid shrimp was documented in the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Depths such as those at the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument are an extreme challenge for explorers. Providing too little information about the species living there and their behavior.

by Irene Guerrero

Coal Process And Transfer Facility In Utah

Increasing Demand Of Solar Power Could Cause Higher Price Of Coal By Year 2020

With the rapid increase of demand among solar-powered equipments these days, businessmen have opted to increase the price of coal and oil.

by Marion Villareal

Boost In Toxic Mercury From Climate Change Threatens To Contaminate Food Supply

Climate Change: Oceanic Mercury Levels Expected To Increase

Runoff in coastal waters due to climate change would increase levels of highly toxic mercury in waters. This would lead to contamination of marine food sources.

by Anne Dominguez

Pied Flycatcher ~ European Pied Flycatcher Bird Call BIRDSONG

Climate Change Could Have Caused Birds' Tuft Reversal Evolution

A new study finds that climate change have affected birds' tuft to a reversal evolution. Normally male flycatchers grow a sparkling white patch on their forehead the bird uses this patch to attract mate during mating seasons.

by Ayin Badz

WHO: 92% of The World Is Breathing In Excessive Air Pollution

Excessive Pollution Increases Cancer Risk Rate Globally

The air nowadays contains excessive pollution that may harm the health of people globally. The level of global lung cancer risk from a pollutant caused by combustion is doubled the allowable limit recommendation of the World Health Organization. The new findings showed that tiny floating particles can grow semi-solid around pollutants, allowing them to last longer and travel much farther than what previous global climate models predicted.

by Ayin Badz

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

CDC Abruplty Cancels Conference On Health Effects Of Climate Change

With little to no warning or explanation the CDC abruptly cancels a major climate change conference that had been scheduled for next month in Atlanta. The Climate and Health Summit was planed for the purpose of public health officials around the country to learn more about the mounting evidence detailing the risks to human health posed by the changing climate.

by Ayin Badz

Hurricane Matthew Bears Down On Atlantic Coast

Deadly Georgia Storm Kills 14

Deadly Georgia storms claims 18 lives and destroyed properties. Seven counties in Georgia are now under state of emergency.

by Allan Alforte

Reports Indicate 2016 Was Hottest Year On Record

Climate Change: Global Warming Was Record High In 2016

Climate change is a direct result of human activity. With the industrial revolution, humans have been introducing massive greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, leading to the rise in global temperature.

by Allan Alforte

Winter storms slam the South

California Storm: Flood Waters Swept Through California Mountain Communities

A California storm caused flood waters to sweep through California mountain communities and residents evacuated below the hillsides. They are scared of the wildfires and in the latest series of storms causing mudslides Sunday. The National Weather Service cautioned that the storm could be the strongest in the last seven years.

by Ayin Badz

The Arctic Regions

Station Obama Will Continue To Monitor Climate In Antarctica

Station Obama is about to play a bigger role abut our fight against climate change. The station received its name in honor of the 44th president inauguration. The station is a sampling location for climate monitoring of the Antarctic Peninsula.

by Ayin Badz

The giant crocodile 6 m | Animal Planet 2015 | Wildlife Documentary

Crocodile Attack: Man Got Killed While Trying To Cross The East Alligator River

Northern territory authority reported a crocodile attack at Cahills Crossing. A 47-year-old man was taken and killed by a 3.5 meter crocodile as he attempts to cross the East Alligator River with two women just after 4pm yesterday. The two females made it across and realized the man was not with them.

by Ayin Badz

Ants Know How to Back It Up

Ants Navigate Using Memories And The Sun

A new research show that ants navigate using memories and the sun. It uses the sun and its memories as a guide going back and out of its home. They are well known for their remarkable work ethics and a study now discovers that their navigation skills are refined. This discovery could inspire a new generation of robots using mechanisms of an ant’s brain, that is known to be smaller than a pinhead.

by Ayin Badz

White Rhino urinating and defecating on a dung midden to mark territory

Scientists Compare White Rhino Dung To Facebook Post

Scientist have discovered that the white rhino dung has a lot in common with Facebook posts. It is like a social networking site that can be found using your nose. Scientists are observing white rhinos in South Africa, and have found that the animals are using it as a social messaging board. To leave notes about their statuses and read posts of others.

by Ayin Badz

Indonesia's Orangutans Battle With Deforestation

Primate Extinction Is A Growing Possibility

Human activities are driving many habitats to be destroyed. Primate extinction is a possibility because of this.

by Rodney Rafols

Spring Clean At Sydney Aquarium

Leopard Shark Makes History: First Shark To Perform Asexual Reproduction

In an Australian aquarium, a remarkable female leopard shark amazed scientists by producing a live offspring asexually, three years after being separated from her long-term mate. Scientist have been observing virgin births in vertebrates such as sharks, rays and reptiles. Virgin birth is a reproductive strategy thought to aid survival during periods of isolation.

by Ayin Badz

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