FILE: Eruption of Cleveland Volcano

Alaska Volcano: More Eruptions Likely In Coming Months

Alaska volcano erupted more than 10 times. More explosions are expected to happen in the coming months.

by Allan Alforte

Whale Watching Season Underway In Sydney

Humpback Whales Habitats Discovered Near Madagascar

Protecting the whales has been one of the biggest conservation endeavors. Now humpback whales habitats have been discovered near Madagascar.

by Rodney Rafols

Snow Season At Mt Buller

Climate Change Effects: Australia Might Have Fewer Days In Ski Season

Climate change is affecting people and their habits. Climate change effects show that Australia might have fewer days in the ski season.

by Rodney Rafols

Parliament Votes On Air Strikes Against The Islamic State In Iraq

Just A Few Days Into 2017 And London Has Already Broken Its Limits On Air Pollution

London has excessive problems on air pollution.

by Marion Villareal

Christmas At Hanover Zoo

Pollution In The Arctic Threatens Health Condition Of Polar Bears; Will They Soon Become Extinct?

There have been pollutants in the Arctic that are highly affecting the polar bears in the area.

by Marion Villareal

The Real Brain Exhibit @Bristol Science Centre

A Scientific Discovery: Small Volume Of Brain Found Growing Inside A Teenage Girl's Ovary, Complete With Bone Structures

It has been discovered in the ovary of a teenage girl upon surgery that there was a tiny brain growing inside the ovary.

by Marion Villareal

Tornadoes Touch Down Around Dodge City, Kansas Area

Tornado Outbreaks Growing In Numbers, Study Shows

The study shows that the increasing frequency of the tornado outbreaks is not caused by climate change. Thus there are further questions that needed to be answered.

by Ayin Badz

Beetles Bring Devastation And Extreme Fire Danger To Southern California Forests

Climate Change Facts: Tree Species Decline Due To Global Warming

Climate change is making changes in our environment. This has been affecting many ecosystems. Climate change facts show that a tree species is in decline due to global warming.

by Rodney Rafols

Christmas Rubbish And Recycling Causes Mounts Up

Evolution Adaptation: Clear Signal Of Urbanization Seen In Organisms

Evolution adaptation of several species is now being studied. Urbanization is seen to have a direct impact on how species of plants and animals are adapting to the new landscape.

by Allan Alforte

NASA's Operation IceBridge Maps Changes To Antartica's Ice Mass

Global Warming Becoming More Crucial; Atlantic Ocean Starts To Deteriorate Causing More Freezing Winter In Britain

Global Warming Becoming More Crucial; Atlantic Ocean Starts To Deteriorate Causing More Freezing Winter In Britain

by Marion Villareal

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Affects Beluga Migration

Climate change and global warming are changing much of the Earth. Arctic Sea ice loss affects beluga migration as the climate changes.

by Rodney Rafols

NASA's Operation IceBridge Maps Changes To Antartica's Ice Mass

Global Warming Facts: Data Shows Temperature Rise Is Constant

Global warming is a threat that cannot be ignored. Global warming facts as seen shows temperature rise is constant.

by Rodney Rafols

Spring Thaw Starts To Take Effect Off Prince Edward Island Coast

Global Warming: Disrupts Atlantic Current May Alter Ocean Motion

The effects of global warming may stop the Atlantic current and stop ocean motion. This will in then trigger cooling of the world for 20 years.

by Allan Alforte

Bhopal Twenty Five Years On From Union Carbide Disaster

India Finds A Way To Use Technology In Order To Save Environment: Turns CO2 Emissions To Baking Powder

It has been confirmed that there is a way to turn carbon dioxide into baking powder, saving this planet from ever crumbling down by damaging its atmosphere.

by Marion Villareal

Zika Virus Found In Another Area Of Miami

Pesticide Designed To Clean Up Environment Ends Up Killing 4 Children At The Comforts Of Their Home

An accidental posioning has occurred in Texas that led to the death of four children after a pesticide produced toxic gas in the home.

by Marion Villareal

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