Kiev's Soviet Style Kachalka Gym

How To Build Testosterone Naturally -- Health Experts Give Tips

Health experts recommend ways that build testosterone naturally to be healthy and to avoid risks from hormone therapy. A simple, healthy lifestyle is actually all you need to boost those male hormones up.

by Donna Bellevue

SpaceX Launches Giant Falcon 9 Test Rocket

SpaceX Rocket Launches From Historic NASA Pad

SpaceX has made its third rocket launch so far this year. SpaceX rocket launches from a historic NASA pad.

by Rodney Rafols

Barren Island Volcano Showing Signs Of Activity

Barren Island Volcano Showing Signs Of Activity

Volcanoes can still be dangerous even after years of inactivity. The Barren Island volcano is showing signs of activity recently.

by Rodney Rafols

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid and Heroin Epidemic

New Jersey Opioid Legislation Tightens Prescription Law

New Jersey's new opioid legislation has been recently signed to address the serious issue of drug abuse in the state. The new bill includes restricting initial opioid prescription to 5 days, requiring health workers to refresh their education on drug abuse, and teaching patients about opioids.

by Donna Bellevue

Morning Person

Does Masturbation Increase Testosterone? Find Out

The relationship between masturbation and testosterone levels is not as simple as people think. Find out what researchers about it.

by Donna Bellevue

Expedition 46 Soyuz Launch

UAE In 2117: A Martian City And Its ‘Realistic’ Timeline; Details Inside

Considering the various missions heading towards Mars, how ‘realistic’ is UAE’s plans of building a city on the red planet? What’s the truth behind claims that a human colony will soon be possible on Mars? Have we just found the other planet that could potentially support life in the future? Find out what experts have to say

by Cyril

NASA's Operation IceBridge Maps Changes To Antartica's Ice Mass

NASA’s SnowEx Experiment And Everything You Have To Know; Details Inside

Considering the significance of water in everyone’s lives, how does NASA plan to measure the snow’s impact on water accessibility all over the world? What’s the truth behind claims that NASA authorities aims to measure vital snow data from satellites? Find out what experts have to say

by Cyril

MS Doctors

New Stem Cell Treatment Finally Sheds Light To Multiple Sclerosis

As of the press time, a significant number of experts are still on the hunt to look for the best answer for Multiple Sclerosis. Now, what’s the truth behind a recent claim that a new stem cell treatment can allegedly ‘freeze’ the progression of the auto-immune disease? Could it finally be the answer to this long dreaded disease? Find out what experts have to say

by Cyril

Researchers In Genetic Surgery At Temple University Develop Technique To Eliminate HIV In Human Cells

PrEP For HIV: Raising Awareness; Could It Be The Cure For The Disease?

Considering that HIV has been and is still currently is one of the world’s most dreaded diseases, how essential is the use of PrEP? Could it possibly hold the key for cure that a lot of people have been waiting for? What’s the truth behind claims these claims? Find out what health professionals have to say

by Cyril

Unarius Academy of Science Expects Flying Saucers in 2001

UFO Alert Or Just A Camera Glitch? Alleged UFO Has Just Been Seen On The Set Of ‘The Walking Dead’

With the ever-growing claims of UFO sightings, is yet another addition to the rising speculations about extraterrestrial life having been seen. Recognizing this idea, what’s the truth behind claims that an alleged UFO has just been seen behind one of the cast of the American TV series ‘The Walking Dead’? Is it just a camera glitch or a strong proof of alien existence? Here are the details

by Cyril

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman Announces Large Heroin Bust

Ottawa Drug Bust Seizes Deadly Fentanyl-Laced Fake Pills

Public officials in Ottawa call the resent drug bust as the largest fentanyl-laced drug seizure in the history of the city. Police are warning the public to avoid buying drugs from non-medical professionals to avoid the effects of fentanyl-laced fake pills.

by Donna Bellevue

Britain Sees Rise In Demand For Legal Highs

Is Klonopin An Opioid? Experts Give Answer

Does the popular sedative Klonopin have the same effects as the deadly opioids?The rise of opioid deaths have opened the eyes of the public on the roles of Klonopin and opioids in the current drug epidemic.

by Donna Bellevue

Cancer Images

Swedish American Hospital Receives Lung Cancer Certification

A Gold Seal of Approval for lung cancer care has been awarded to the Swedish American Hospital recently. The certification recognizes the facility as an exceptional lung cancer treatment center.

by Donna Bellevue

The Barclays - Round Two

New Species of Thumbnail-Size Frogs Discovered In India

Indian scientists have found the smallest frogs in the world – new frog species that can sit comfortably on your fingernail or coin. Four species of the new frogs were discovered in the Western Ghats of India, where three new species had earlier been found before. The frogs were found to belong to the genus Nyctibatrachus or night frogs after five years of extensive exploration.

by Charles Omedo

Expedition 50 Crew Press Conference

NASA’s Press Conference to Address New Space Discoveries

NASA’s press conference is scheduled on hold at 1 pm EST or 6 pm GMT on Wednesday, February 22 according to a NASA press release. The announcement of this press conference is already creating a furore as to the exact purpose of the news meeting, and a lot of speculations are already flying around. In fact, informed members of the public insist NASA scheduled the conference to inform everyone of the discovery of new exoplanets capable of supporting life in outer space.

by Charles Omedo

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