Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1 Now Live; Brings One-Step Matchmaking And More

For the fans of Rainbow Six Siege, they are in for a huge treat. That is because the highly anticipated patch 2.1 is now live. This is expected to improve the overall gameplay experience of the community.

According to GameSpot, developer Ubisoft Montreal just released the aforementioned update on Rainbow Six Siege. Interestingly, this is deemed to be the game's first major game update and is part of the current Operation Health initiative. The latter, in one way or another, aims to bring upgrades to the entire gameplay experience within the title.

The official patch notes can be accessed here, but it mainly focuses on the so-called One-Step Matchmaking. This basically promotes more in-game stability and "faster matchmaking results," which is something that fans have been complaining about. The studio sees it as a huge step towards achieving "better performance" and, more importantly, "faster queue times."

As for the Interactive Matchmaking, it is also new in Rainbow Six Siege. This allows players to roam the menus freely while waiting for a match to commence. They are also now able to buy new Operators or tweak their loadouts. The list just goes on and one, thanks to patch 2.1. It should be noted that these were impossible to make in the previous version of the game. Why? That is because players can only do so if and only if they already joined a matchmaking queue.

The above-mentioned Rainbox Six Siege update also implements the hitbox changes previously unveiled by the developers. Players will no longer experience damage when they hit or attack things that, in one way or another, should not hurt them. This is best exemplified on stuff like accessories and/or baggy clothing.

This is Xbox, on the other hand, reports that the next update for Rainbox Six Siege will primarily focus on some of the issues in the game. This includes the problems players experience on Hibana, Smoke grenade application and even aiming consistency problems. Ubisoft is expected to reveal more details about the next update in the next few weeks or so.

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