Ubisoft Wants Beyond Good And Evil 2 To Be 'Enormous'; Hence The Delay

Contrary to popular belief, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has yet to enter the development phase. However, this does not mean that the game will not be made or released. In fact, the developers of the title have shared some of their insights about the game.

According to VideoGamer, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still at "day zero of development." This was revealed by the game's very own creative director named Michel Ancel. He explained that they have been hoping to develop the title since three years ago, but were having second thoughts due to the technology they currently have. He iterated that the game requires a certain technology that, years ago, was not available.

However, Ancel confirmed that this game will be developed. It will soon arrive in the video game industry, packed with the right features and whatnots. IGN reports that Ubisoft, in particular, opted not to give details about the game at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Why? They basically want to ensure that "something totally different" will be achieved prior to doing so.

It has been unveiled that Ancel, contrary to popular belief, is actually developing a new engine for Beyond Good and Evil 2. This is primarily the reason why the title has yet to be developed and shown at E3. The studio iterated that Ancel has this "very high ambition" for the game; hence, he wants to take the time to develop it.

Ubisoft has reportedly thought about Beyond Good and Evil 2 for quite some time now. However, they cannot proceed to any development progress because they always wanted something big and different about it. "The game had to be enormous," managing director of the company Xavier Poix said.

In related Beyond Good and Evil 2 news, My Nintendo News reports that some fans of the game have hoped for a Nintendo Switch version to be developed. After all, it is a promising title that deserves such platform. While this can be interesting, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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