'American Gods' Season 2 Gets More And Better Episodes; Finale Was Supposed To Be Different

By Shor M. Rae , Jun 24, 2017 07:04 AM EDT

Starz has renewed the televisions adaptation series, “American Gods” for another season just last month. The Neil Gaiman story was a hit when the original novel was released more than a decade ago and it seems like the TV series is looking at a bright future as well.

“American Gods” made its debut on television in April 2017 and it ended after eight episodes. With a second season in the works, fans are wondering what’s next for the new installment. One of the executive producers, Bryan Fuller, revealed recently that the second season will most likely have more episodes compared to the first one. The production is reportedly eyeing at 10 longer episodes for “American Gods” Season 2.

Fuller added that they are also planning to take the story at a faster pace. The executive producer explained that “American Gods” Season 2 had a dreamy-like storytelling concept because it centered on Shadow Moon’s mental state. Now that Shadow Moon’s a believer, the story can finally pick up its pace. Fuller teased that fans should expect the second season to have stories told a little different than the first season.

Michael Green, another one of the executive producers, further revealed that they actually had planned a different ending for “American Gods” Season 1. He said that the production has prepared another episode that goes all the way in showcasing a story centering on the House of the Rock. However, they decided that they would have made a better impact for the show if they ended it with eight episodes. Sticking to eight episodes also paved the way to give them more funds for the next season, Green said.

Starz has yet to reveal when “American Gods” Season 2 will be released. Though no one has really given big spoilers, Neil Gaiman revealed before that the second season of the series intends to cover the Lakeside arc of the original novel. Apparently, fans will be seeing something significant happening to Wednesday in the second season.

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