Matt Reeves To Direct Ben Affleck's 'The Batman' Movie; Neil Gaiman Working On New 'Batman' Story

Warner Bros. has finally gotten a new director for the upcoming “The Batman” movie and they have confirmed that Matt Reeves is on board for the said position. The news relieved fans after worrying over earlier reports that Reeves was inclined to turn down the offer. While the movie production is finally moving forward, Neil Gaiman has just revealed that he is currently working on a new "Batman" story.

Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns, DC Comics creative head, have already welcomed Matt Reeves after it has been confirmed that he will be the new director of the awaited “The Batman” movie. Affleck and Johns recently posted on their respective official Twitter accounts, revealing the good news. Reeves responded, thanking them for the warm welcome and admitted that he was also excited to be working on the movie.

Reeves has stated that he has loved Batman’s story since he was a child. “He is such an iconic and compelling character, and one that resonates with me deeply,” he elaborated. The new director also said that he was incredibly honored to be working with Warner Bros. in bringing an epic and emotional new take on the caped crusader, Batman, to the theaters.

The new "Batman" movie is part of the reboot of the movie franchise, with Affleck taking the lead role. The actor made his debut as Bruce Wayne and Batman in the movie, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Aside from the untitled Batman movie, Affleck will also be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in the other upcoming DC movie, “Justice League”.

Meanwhile, bestseller author, Neil Gaiman has just revealed that he has been working on a new "Batman" story for a couple of decades. According to him, he has always wanted to tell the new "Batman" story for 28 years now but he still needs more time to finish it. He reassured fans that the new story is getting closer to being completed.

Gaiman has also worked on comics especially with DC Comics when they hired him back in 1987. He rewrote The Sandman’s story and even produced stories for the DC series, “Secret Origins”. It might be a while till fans actually get to see what Gaiman has written for Batman because his fans are well aware that it takes him years to finish a project.

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