'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Universe 9 Gets Erased First? All-Out War In Tournament Of Power

The latest episode of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series has finally aired and the highly awaited Tournament of Power has commenced. The participating teams are gathered and everyone intends to prove their strength and win for the sake of their universe’s survival.

The ongoing Universe Survival Saga has finally kicked off the anticipated Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 96. As revealed in prior updates and spoilers, Team Universe 7 had to assemble first before heading to the arena, which is located in the World of Void. The team has decided to stick with a strategy to conserve their stamina and stick together as much as possible. However, Vegeta and Frieza are proving to be a pain in the neck as they refuse to listen to team leader Gohan’s instructions or the suggestions of the gods of Universe 7.

Meanwhile at the arena, as soon as Team Universe 7 arrives, the other teams start to show up. The highly anticipated Team Universe 11 finally makes their appearance and Goku is psyched. Being the ambitious and proud Saiyan, Goku approaches the Pride Troopers only to realize that he has stepped out of line. Jiren has displayed some of his capabilities and since the latest episode has clearly shown him to be a formidable opponent, Goku is out to test out the waters.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 96 ended with the introduction of each participating universes as the exempted ones join the gods as spectators of the battle royal. The official preview for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 97 reveals that all teams are going to go all out to save their existence. Chaos is seen in the arena as everyone takes down a random opponent. Universe 9, who has the lowest mortal level ranking, is expected to be eliminated first since they look like the weakest among the rest.

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