YouTuber Whose Father Abandoned Him at 12 Years Old Makes "Dad, How Do I" Instructional Channel

YouTuber dad's "Dad, How Do I" gets instant popularity. A certain post on Facebook started to shift the spotlight to a certain YouTuber dad with a heartfelt story together with an interesting channel. The post on Facebook has started to spread and the reactions gained by this post were mostly positive.

The Facebook Post

The post on Facebook introduced a certain YouTuber whose dad previously abandoned their family when he was only 12 years old and now that the YouTuber is a father to his two adult children, he has decided to create his own YouTube channel that he class "Dad, how do I?"

The channel is a simple platform for him to post certain videos of doing some common tasks that you might need the help of your dad in order to complete them. These videos, as explained in the post, are for children who do not have their dad there to help them with those simple tasks and he aims to use his videos as a resource for them.


The person who posted the post then said that he did not know the man but then gave the man an instant subscribe due to the amazing and selfless act that the YouTuber dad did for someone else. The post on Facebook even describes the YouTube channel as a "hope for humanity."

The post was then followed up with a certain Chris Hart, who posted the information about the dad saying that the amount of followers has doubled ever since he posted that post to his social media. The followup also said that Hart "couldn't be more happy for him."

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The thank-you video

The YouTuber dad posted a video on his channel directly thanking the people who subscribed and supported his YouTube channel. The dad also mentioned that he tried to reply to every single email and message but he was not able to accomplish this because of the unexpected mass influx of support.

The dad also says that he was "and emotional wreck today" along with being a little overwhelmed by the amazing stories that people started sharing with him. The dad apologizes to fans for not being able to reply to every single message.


The dad then describes the pain that most people feel is very real and that he started doing the channel with his daughter as a way to help people with simple tasks but he did not expect the channel to get bigger than he previously expected.

The dad simply says that he is not really the ultimate fix-it guy but he is a dad and says that the tasks that he accomplishes in his channel are for people without resources. The dad also says that he is not perfect and that he is still trying to work things out with his kids.

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