[Viral Video] Mother Bursts Into Tears After Finding Out Her Son is the Pilot of the Plane She Boarded

By Urian , May 19, 2020 11:00 PM EDT

A video post on Reddit first shows a mother giving her boarding pass to the staff. She then walks to the entrance of the plane. As she enters the plane, her son surprises her by coming out of the flight deck area and greeting her as the pilot of the plane she is boarding.

The mother suddenly burst into tears as she covered her face from the sheer joy of the realization that her son is the pilot of the plane she is boarding. Her son then proceeded to hug her as she continued to cry into his shoulder. The video post on Reddit was posted on the Reddit Community "r/MadeMeSmile." 

Airplane Pilot

The video has an upvote percentage of 98%. The people who have watched this viral video have a generally positive response to this Reddit video post. Some Reddit users have made wholesome jokes in response to the video. Reddit user SteadfastAgroEcology commented on the video just nine hours ago, an hour after the video was posted.

The Reddit user commented, "And there was an audible collective sigh of relief on the plane, as the passengers knew it was likely to be the safest flight they'd ever have.". Reddit users started to create a thread of amusing comments in response to SteadfastAgroEcology's comment.

This mom's reaction when she realizes her son is the pilot of her flight. from r/MadeMeSmile


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The wide range of topics that can be discussed and debated in Reddit can fan out from political news and business talk to viral videos, TV show fan theories, pictures of cultural landmarks and monuments, and endless threads of cute animals. Reddit assures anyone and everyone that, in Reddit, there is a community for everyone. Its slogan is "The Conversation Starts Here."

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After posting, people from the same community can comment on a Reddit user's post. The comments create a thread-like succession of comments. Reddit users often refer to these succession of comments as "threads." 

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There are a variety of different people who use Reddit. The range of different people can be from working mothers and fathers who use Reddit in their spare time as a refreshing getaway from work to sons and daughters who want to make friends and belong to various communities.

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